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Welcome to Shasta’s Retirement Fund Auction Page! Those who have been lucky to know Shasta appreciate his extraordinary contributions as one of the original therapy horses for BINA Farm Center since 2009. He is deeply loved and valued by the BFC family and especially Terry Snow, co-founder, as Shasta was her very first therapy horse. His storied BFC career began during a recreational riding lesson for co-founders Babak and Coryn Bina’s son Kamran. Shasta was the catalyst for a special friendship that developed between Kamran and another young participant with autism who was riding Shasta during therapeutic lessons with Terry. That’s when the magic began which led to the creation of the BINA Farm Center and its mission of "bringing people together". Sadly, due to Moon Blindness and his inability to see anymore, it is time for our beloved friend to retire. BFC is hoping that Shasta will be able to live his much-deserved retirements years with his BFC family at the Lexington barn. You can be a part of honoring Shasta’s legacy by contributing to his Retirement Fund. We accept donations of either gently used or new items which can be sold on his auction page, or monetary donations that go directly to his fund. All new items donated are 100% tax deductible as are monetary donations; and all gently used items are tax deductible based on fair market value. Contributing to Shasta's retirement fund will help to ensure that Shasta will continue to receive loving care throughout his retirement. Below you can start donating or shopping! Thank you for visiting Shasta’s page and for your much-appreciated support!

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